Monday, April 18, 2005

I know so little... on paper.

It blows my mind. I've been in this industry for a total of 4 years, been in the food industry, catering events for 15 - 1500 people, for 10 years, owned my own cafe for a year and a half and I still have a ton to learn!!
I never gone through a training program. Never been certified as anything and yet here I am. I serve the espresso in Riverside, and I've really only ever trained myself through techniques I've read about online. Thank you David Schomer and CoffeeGeek.
But still... I want to have that certificate saying, "I have been professionaly trained by the worlds best", to be hanging my wall. I wanna be vouched for! I wanna be a "Made Man" in the coffee world.
Maybe I should go through the Barista Guilds Training program. If I do, should I go through the begginer coarse,"This is called a "steam wand"..." Ugh.


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Keep up the good work here


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