Friday, September 02, 2005

Sweet Victory

I won some coffee for an article I wrote for
Four pounds of Black Cat from Intelligentsia and six 12oz bags of the coffee of my choice from Counter Culture Coffee. I'm so stoked! I've heard so much about the Black Cat on line, but I've never had the opportunity to taste it. Well, no longer!! I received my first bag today, and let me tell you it's not just hype. It's fabulous!! I loved it. I know there are different flavor profiles that can be pulled out of espresso, depending on the grind, amount packed and amount poured. But, my favorite flavors are by far the dark/bitter sweet choc., dried berries, pepper, anise, and thick syrupy mouth feel. Ooohh. I'm tingly all over!! The Black Cat delivers on all these levels. I didn't really care for it in the triple basket with the naked portafilter, but I did like it in the 17gm basket over packed slightly and poured to approx. 1.5-1.75oz in 24 seconds. It seemed like any longer then 24 seconds and it would go blonde immediately for a ristretto. For a lungo it held up well to about 28 seconds at 2-2.5oz. I have yet to try it in a milk based drink, but I'm confident the thick flavor will have no trouble cutting through. I'll post pictures soon.


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