Saturday, April 16, 2005

Coffee Fest - Seattle 2005

This week several of the worlds top baristas are gathering in one place to talk about one thing... espresso. They are talking about grinding and dosing techniques. Tamping techniques. The lastest and greatest breakthroughs, as far as equipment goes. I'm sure people will be talking that new 5 group Kees at Stumptown. They will all be enjoying each others company, and each others espresso.

Am I in Seattle for this grand occasion? No. I'm enjoying the company of my family.
My parents - who just got back from Hawaii.
My daughter - who is one month and one week old.
And my precious wife Shar - who I enjoy spending time with because she relaxes me and reassures me and comforts me the way nothing else can.
I wouldn't trade this week for anything.

But, next year, you better believe I'm going to Coffee Fest.

My first post here.

So this is my first post here. Not sure how much different it'll be from xanga, but it seems alot cleaner, I dig the setup.
More posts to follow.