Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Last Post September, 19!?!?! Long time ago...

It's been too dang long since my last post! Not that tons of people are eagerly awaiting the next few words I write, but still, it's a journal of sorts, and I've been slackin'.

Let's see, what’s been going on the last few months?
Thanksgiving was good. We made the traditional trip to four houses for diner, including our own (my wifes family is huge).

Christmas was great. We went to six houses for Christmas, including ours (my wifes family is huge). Went to Bakersfield to see my aunt and uncle and a couple cousins. Then we made a trip to Sacramento to visit some friends of ours. We left Sac. the day before all the flooding began (whew).
Gifts - My wife and I received a video camera from both of our parents. That was great considering we don't have any video of Lilly, except from what my digital camera can do, but those movies suck. This is fantastic. I gave Shar a few things for cooking (22qt. Turkey Roaster, a couple of new cookbooks, Le Creuset pieces) Temperpedic Slippers and like 8 pairs of supper cushy socks. Lilly got several new outfits and a few new toys. She had a great time trying to open gifts and playing with ribbon and bows. She's so cute.

My wife is amazing by the way. She was able to buy me a new guitar this year. Not just any guitar... a Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top. This will mean absolutely nothing to the majority of you reading this, but take my word for it, there few, VERY FEW, guitars that are made better, or have as good a tone as these.
Here's a picture from Andersons website: copy and past in address bar
Thank You Shar
I also got a few new shirts, a jacket, a sweater, a case of strings for my acoustics and some pajamas.

Didn't do anything for new years. I'm boring like that.