Thursday, August 25, 2005

What's Going to Happen?

So, here's the deal.
Our lease is up in April. I do not have plans to renew. The management, however, are a little slow when it comes to doing anything. One of my neighbors was paying rent and doing business in his spot without a lease for almost 8 months. My plan is to at least stay through May in order to keep the 24 hour LSU Finals Week going all the way through the school year.

It's a difficult realization to be sure. We have been approached by developers who are offering us a unit right on the corner in the same shopping center we're in now. They have also offered the unit to Starbucks but would like to see a small business go in before a big box fast food chain like the *bucks. But, the renovation cost as well as the rent increase, make it a very difficult move to fathom. We would need to cover the cost of remodeling two units into one, redecorating, building, buying new equipment to accommodate the space and hiring several people to cover the sifts required. And, while it would be on the corner, on the commute side of the road no less, it's still in a crappy, poor part of town crawling with vagrants and druggies! Our business would need to increase 5 times over in order for us to scrape by. Not plausible.

We also have some customers who are interested in investing in our business. They are not, however, interested in the corner unit. They want to look into the other side of the 91fwy where a new Ralph’s Shopping center will be going in. Or, possibly a kiosk some where. Or, even a coffee truck(think roach coach, but nice). I kinda like the idea of the truck for special event catering, park dedications/events, farmers markets etc. But, it would be a freaking coffee truck! Not exactly the specialty coffee culture I've come to know and love. Although, on my requirements of "Job Selection", making money would probably win over work environment... like a truck.

I've also been in contact with a few coffee houses in the area that I like and wouldn't mind working for if it came down to it. I'd really like to find a place that would teach me how to roast. I'm very interested in that. But, I also love being behind the bar. But, I digress. I hate saying that. It sounds like such a cliché'. I just digressed again! Dang it!!