Sunday, May 08, 2005


So, Friday morning I'm in bed, halfway between awake and asleep, a twilight sleep if you will. It's 4:40am, 5 minutes before my alarm will sound... and then it happens. Do you like AC/DC? I love AC/DC and one of my favorite songs from them is called, "Thunderstruck". Great track. Building guitars, great vocals, thundering drums... its just one of those "Ultimate" rock songs. Good stuff. So, when you are in "twilight sleep" the slightest little thing can startle you awake. A car driving by, your spouse stirring next to you, even a little whimper from your sleeping baby.

I, however, was awakened by God farting. When I was a kid, that’s what I used to think thunder was... sorry. At least, I think it was thunder. You see, immediately after waking up, I was distracted by what felt like FIREY PAIN making its way from the middle of my right shoulder up to the base of my head knocking the wind out of me. After getting my breath back, I was trying not to scream out in agony. I was letting out little gasps of air trying not to wake my wife(less then a foot away) and my little girl(4 ft. away), but my wife heard my gasps and whimpers and asked me what was wrong. I couldn't talk. I barely got out, "...neck... hurts...".

Finally, I caught my breath. I tried to sit up, "Ahhhh!". I lay there in pain. The first thought that came to my mind was, "How am I going to play at First Service tonight?". Then I thought, "How am going to work?". Followed by, "What time does my chiropractor get to his office?" and then I thought, "Was that thunder?".

My mind came back to my immediate situation of trying to get out of bed. I tried again to sit up, "Ahh!". Not going to happen. This was going to take more planning then I initially thought. I had to role onto my right side and then prop myself upright. It worked. I took a hot shower, got dressed and then drove to the shop with an ice pack draped across the back of neck and shoulder.

After driving to work at 6am, I wound up driving back to my chiropractor at 8:30 and then back to work at 10:30. Not only was I still in pain, but I was tired too. I took it easy the rest of day and, somehow, I was able to play guitar at first service. I probably shouldn't have, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm still not 100% but, I'm getting better.