Thursday, July 13, 2006

Our Fingers Are Crossed

We've been cupping so much this week, it's been amazing! Today we cupped four different roast profiles of a Panama from Finca Hartman and earlier this week we had been cupping different profiles of the #1 Cup of Excellence winner from Bolivia.
"Why all this cupping?", because we're sending both of these wonderful coffees to this guy... Ken Davids is one of, if not the most, respected reviewers in the country when it comes to recomending a great cup of coffee. Because he is so respected, he is also feared by many a coffee roaster. If you look through a few of his webpages you will see Coffee Klatch several times. This means there's a bit of an expectation to do well. We sent both of them off today and should hear back in a few weeks to find out how did.