Friday, May 27, 2005

Opprotunity Knocks

Shar and I have been approached by a husband and wife investor team to design, plan and opperate a cafe. restraunt, and bed and breakfast in Winslow, AZ. They own the building which we would be renovating, and they own a house within walking distance of that building. They would consider us full partners, not employees.

This is a huge opprotunity for us. It's also the biggest descision we've ever had to make. If we say yes, it's a 4-5 year commitment, and we have to consider possibly selling our shop in Riverside, CA. Not to mention we would be leaving our friends and family. If we say no... everything stays the same.

It seems like to good of an opprotunity to pass up, but with change there comes fear and indecision. We're just praying for clear direction.