Monday, September 19, 2005

To-Go Art

Ready To Get Busy

We are located about 1/2 mile from La Sierra University. They are a huge part of our customer base and have had the longest summer(in my opinion) in college history. But, to my joy and delight, they're returning to class next Monday. This week all of the freshman are on a retreat to welcome them to the college and introduce them to a few of the counselors that work on campus. It's also an opportunity for a few of my "loyal" customers to brainwash the "noobs" into knowing about how good our shop is and how crapy the competition is. We are expecting a much higher percentage of students this year than the previous. We have coupons going into the freshman welcome packs. One of my best friends is designing another coupon that he'll distribute to the students mailboxes, and this Friday, I'm playing acoustic guitar at the first youth meeting of the school year. They always give me a plug when I'm there. I love this school. I love the friends that I've made at this school. Without the support of the students we wouldn't be in business. Good Stuff.