Monday, October 23, 2006

Scratch That... I'm Going To Seattle!!!!

My Mother and Sister In-Law gave me some airline miles to help pay for the majority of the travel cost and Heather Perry, my other boss, is letting me crash on the couch in her hotel room. It's working out perfect!! After two years of trying to go to this show, I'm finally going. I'm so stoked. The only thing that could make this trip better would be if my wife and daughter could come.

The barista jam went good. I only took a couple of photos, I'll get them up soon. Cafe Calabria did amazing job organizing the event, and there facility is amazing! There espresso lab had room for 5 espresso machines, 7 grinders a motorcycle and still had room to spare. We had an improve latte art competition and I came in second. This was my first jam and for sure won't be my last. I love training, so to be able to help a few people understand a little more about espresso extraction and milk steaming just makes my day. To see it click in their minds and see their eyes get a little wider with understanding... it's a great feeling. See ya'll in Seattle.